‘Danger Noodle’ and More: When The Internet Names Animals


The internet is a wild place. It’s the deep, dense jungle habitat of critters who can’t get enough of social media, the hottest bit of pop culture gossip, and more. Oh yeah, and there are also the animals.

#TheInternetNamesAnimals is a very real thing on Twitter, and if you’ve had just about enough of 2016, this is one of the fun hashtags that could make your day. Observe.

Feeling better yet?

How about now?

Have those warm-and-fuzzy feelings yet?

Just look at those grabby toes.

A thing of majesty…

… or, you know, just haute couture turkey legs.

When you just gotta have a real-life Pokemon, why not start with a Pokeball?

“Fluffy Jesus, take the wheel!”

The Force is strong in this one.

The chillest ever, will let you choose the show, and won’t hog the popcorn and drinks.

Some Twitter users can give one critter two names or more. So what’s it gonna be: an Underwater Snow Puppy..

… Or a Water Dog?

Meanwhile, here's a Water Dog making friends with a Land Dog.
Meanwhile, here’s a Water Dog making friends with a Land Dog.

Some of the animals enjoy the pleasure of Mc’s and Von’s attached to their names.

What a sweet McKittyCuddleFace this is… until it bites your face off.

I just love how aggressive this name is.

Oh look, where have we seen him before?

There’s that… but he does also kinda look like this guy, no?

And of course, this guy, gone but not forgotten. We miss you.


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