Did Twitter Torpedo The #DNCLeak Hashtag From Trending?

After thousands of emails and documents were leaked from key members of the Democratic National Committee, the media has been surprisingly silent on the topic and some people are even accusing twitter of killing the #DNCLeak hashtag. This is shaky ground and I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, so I’ll just say that it’s possible. Here’s what WikiLeaks said:

They also had a laugh at Trump’s expense

Twitter took the hashtag down for twenty minutes and people quickly started freaking out and posting about it nonstop but the hashtag had changed from #DNCLeaks to #DNCLeak.

As soon as Twitter torpedoed the hashtag a Reddit feed began on /r/SandersForPresident crying foul.

The Media isn’t covering the leaks, and that makes sense since the leaks show emails of the DNC staff getting chummy with members of almost every media outlet and sometimes even pushing stories that are anti-Bernie.

The leaks primarily showed that the Democratic National Committee was leaning towards Hillary from the beginning. Both Hillary and Sanders have stayed silent on the issue though Jill Stein has been vocal about the scandal

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