Behind The App: The Personal Stories Of Today’s Technology

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Technology has become a mainstay of everyday life. Think about all the apps you use everyday. Then, think about how often we come across a new tech project that we just can’t get enough of. Have you ever thought about the people and the stories that are behind these digital trailblazers?

One website is taking a look at the creators, innovators and executors who are behind emerging technologies and the new app economy. According to their website, Behind The App was created to help us “understand the personal stories behind the technology of today.” It is pretty incredible to hear the stories behind some of the world’s most innovative apps.

So, what led a team of professional photographers and writers to document these digital innovators? Behind The App creators explain that it is all about the mission of documenting the important transition to digital.

“In March of 2016, the team at ROKO Labs co-hosted a competition called the App Idea Awards. During this time, the ROKO Labs team was able to meet amazing app entrepreneurs and began to document their stories. At the same time, friend and artist, Jena Cumbo, was working on documenting the effects of technology on the world today. Together, they have joined forces to make Behind The App. We strive the capture the interesting and amazing personal stories behind the creators of technology. This could be anyone from the creator to product managers to executor of the new technology. All these stories explain the motivation, changes, and effects of technology on our society.”

Do you know anyone who should featured on Behind The App? Make sure to nominate them on the site. If they are chosen, they will receive a free professional photo shoots and plenty of marketing opportunities.

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