Third Eye Blind Trolls The Republican National Convention

Third Eye Blind trolled the Republican National Convention in hilarious fashion and got booed for it.

third eye blind republican national convention

Third Eye Blind was invited to play at the Republican National Convention at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night and they did so in hilarious fashion. It seems that mid-set (apparently just before they played “Jumper”) they stopped for a minute and the lead singer, Stephan Jenkins actually went on a mini-monologue that called out the Republicans on their views and their lack of progressive thinking.

There were a few videos captured of the show that are spotty but still manage to get the point of the incident across. Here’s one that was posted on Twitter just after the event.

Apparently Jenkins shouted “raise your hand if you believe in science”. And that’s hilarious. It’s also an odd day when we have to openly admit that we like Third Eye Blind and admire them. I really hope that Nickelback isn’t next on the list. But you also have to blame the guys that put the show together. The Republican National Convention should stick to country music where they’ll be safe.

The band is claiming that they were not actually playing at the RNC. In fact, they were playing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but the gig was affiliated with the Republican National Convention.

The RNC is a pretty odd place right now, you’ve got Kasich boycotting, Trump’s wife copying Michelle Obama’s speech and Caitlin Jenner saying that she doesn’t believe in LGBT rights. It’s almost like bizarro world down there in Cleveland.

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