Internet Users Still Using Google To Find Their Social Network Login Pages, Study Finds

Social Media Search Results

Social network users are still heading to in order to complete searches to find social network login URLs. A new research study by Experian has found that “Facebook login” was still the most popular search on Google and various other search engines in 2012.

Analytics firm Hitwise found that 6.03 percent of its top 50 searches were made up of social media terms, that’s a 44 percent increase from 2011. The study also found that Facebook accounted for 5.84 percent of all searches in the United States. Facebook searches included various terms including “facebook login” and “

In a statement from Bill Tancer, general manager of global research for Experian, he noted:

“Navigational searches continue to dominate the top search results as users continue to visit their favorite sites via search engines instead of directly entering a web address into their browsers URL bar.”

It’s not just Google witnessing a large number of social media related searches, Yahoo-related terms made up .79 percent off all searches, a 34 percent increase year-over-year.

Even social video website YouTube saw a 23 percent jump over 2011 with 1.67 percent of the US search market now at its disposal.

According to Experian nearly all of the top 10 top searches in the U.S. were regarding social networks or companies that offer social features such as free email.

The report included more than 60 search engines across 1,000 top search terms.

Top Searches in 2012

All of the top 10 most searched terms in the United States can be accessed with login screens by simply typing their URL plus ‘.com’ into the users browser window.

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