Republican National Convention is Total Chaos

It’s finally here, and it’s every bit as entertaining as we hoped. The Republican National Convention is total chaos, with desperate rank-and-file Republican delegates trying desperately to stop the official nomination of Donald Trump.

One GOP delegate, Gordon Humphrey, a former U.S. Senator, blasted the Trump campaign during an interview with Jacob Soboroff of MSNBC. Humphrey said that when he tried to raise a point of parliamentary inquiry, he was “immediately drowned out by people I would refer to as brownshirts around — in my surroundings.”

That word, “brownshirts”, is a reference to the Nazi Sturmabteilung, the original paramilitary wing of Hitler’s Nazi Party. They played a pivotal role in Hitler’s rise to power.

Humphrey continued:

“I’ve seen a lot. This is not a meeting of the Republican National Committee. This is a meeting of brownshirts.”

He clarified that he used the term “brownshirts” to refer to “people who act like fascists.”He then continued:

“They might not be fascists, but they act like fascists. They have the manners or the lack of manners of fascists. And in this respect they are only too reflective of Donald Trump himself.”

When Soboroff asked Humphrey if he had a message for Donald Trump and the RNC, he responded simply with “Never Trump.”

Hours ago, GOP officials crushed an internal “rebellion” of dissatisfied Republicans, who had called for a change to Party rules. According to CNN:

“Open discord and revolt broke out on the floor of the Republican National Convention Monday as GOP officials crushed an attempt to change party rules, a maneuver that could have embarrassed presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

“In a highly unusual show of disunity and anger on the floor of a modern party convention, a group of states tried to force a state-by-state roll call vote on the rules of the convention. The rebellion apparently caught Trump’s campaign team by surprise, and his lieutenants were seen frantically whipping votes on the floor to squelch the effort amid scenes of deepening disarray.”

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