The John Oliver Endorsement Video Is Hilarious

The John Oliver endorsements video might be exactly what you need to find some sliver of hope in this election season.

john oliver endorsements

Now that Colbert has gone semi-serious and Steward is retired, John Oliver is pretty much the last guy still making news funny (sorry Larry Wilmore, but I think you might need some new writers). His show “Last Week Tonight” is currently off the air for until the next season but Oliver is doing web exclusives and the recently released “John Oliver Endorsement Video” is side-splittingly funny.

He consistently fired hard against Trump during the beginning of this election season, but, of course, it was not enough to stop the real estate mogul.

Of course, the endorsement video stays away from politics. While he’s made no secret of the fact that he isn’t fond of Trump or Hillary, John Oliver is smart enough not to dip his toes into the boiling cauldron that this election season has become. Instead he endorses a number of things that you may have overlooked. And almost everything he endorses is more useful than either of our choices for the future Commander-in-Chief.

He also did a lot of hilarious videos on the Brexit debacle that recently occurred across the pond. Since Oliver is British, it makes sense that we get this little nugget of news from a native Englishman. His longer video explains the basics of the politics surrounding Britain’s exit from the European Union and tells you a little bit about what you might expect in the future.

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