This Pokemon Surprise At A Brother’s Grave Will Break Your Heart


Sometimes, surprises come in the most unexpected ways. Like, for example, Pokemon GO. Despite the crazy, harrowing, and unexpected experiences players have had thanks (or no thanks?) to this game, there are certain moments that are simply meant to pluck at your heart-strings.

A Tweet was spotted recently that went viral on Japanese channels. One brother decided to visit his sibling’s grave, who if we’re to hazard a guess from the image on the marker, passed away at a young age. According to the tweet, his deceased brother loved Pikachu. This is what he saw.

It’s worthy to note that Pikachu, the game’s unofficial mascot and most recognized Pokemon, is one of the rarest critters to find on Pokemon GO. So finding him at this site makes it doubly precious and poignant.


Before we push this story into glurge territory, just how true are this tale’s details? While the screenshot itself is 100% authentic, Reddit sleuths have confirmed that the deceased boy occupying the grave is of Dutch nationality. RocketNews24 also reported that it’s quite possible that the person who tweeted this image may not be the real brother of the late buy. Why? The caption is in quotation marks.

Whether the tweet gave you all the feels, or made you get skeptical, there’s no denying that this tweet went viral the minute it hit the internet.

We just hope that he above Twitter user managed to catch that Pikachu. We’re kinda unsure about using a regular Pokeball for such a rare creature, but if he managed to weaken it properly before the capture, more power to him.

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