This Little Girl Thought Big Sis Was Dying Because She Was On Her Period


/when you’re a big sis, you’ll often find yourself having to explain a lot of things to your little sis — changes in the weather, changes in life, even changes in your body. Because hey, these are also changes they may find themselves facing one day, right?

Also, it certainly helps to clear up a few things — like the fact that you’re not really dying when you’re on your monthlies.

Meeia Tolentino, 16, loves her little sister Rain, who’s just three years old. The age gap isn’t a big deal between the two. In fact, Meeia dotes on her little sis a lot, and Rain shows up quite often on her social media posts. With that age gap, though, there are certain things Rain can’t handle seeing her big sis go through. Add to that the fact that Rain is naturally curious about people, and well, …

“She loves following everyone in my family around,” Meeiah says. “I mean, she’s three years old. Little kids are curious.”

One afternoon, Meeia found out she had her period, and made a beeline for the bathroom. And she kinda forgot she’d left the door ajar. Cue Little Curious Rain, and this happened.

Meeia came back from the bathroom and was surprised to see her dear little sis bawling her eyes out. she asked what was the matter, and out came the answer. Of course, this was such a perfect moment, it had to be shared on Twitter. Big sis gave Rain a hug and pretended to patch herself up, and Rain was back to her normal, happy self.

Of course Meeia’s Twitter followers couldn’t contain it.

A friend shared a similar experience, one to her unfortunate younger-self detriment.

And other little sisters just felt they had to do something.

We have a feeling Rain isn’t going to live this down thirteen years from now.

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