These Yarn Names Please Your Inner Emo Teen


When you’re wearing something made from the Army of The Dead, you know it’s going to be pretty badass. Luckily, there’s yarn for that.

The fine folks who run the Etsy store Dye for Yarn have named their hues monickers that range from the satisfyingly dark to the off-kilter brooding to even mildly unsettling. Love them or hate them, these names are here to stay.

Twitter user Kendra W first brought the internet’s attention to this shop through a rather concerned tweet:

Store owners Nicole and Cordula used to be biology and molecular medicine scientists, but retired from their lab-working ways to immerse themselves in their mutual love for dyeing and selling their own yarn. They certainly know their yarns, with their silk/lace and silk/linen blends.

So how emo can their yarn names get? Let’s get started with their latest yarns:


These first three give us interesting albeit unusual visuals, huddled together with the other names that wouldn’t look out of place from the nail polish section at your local beauty bar. Want to up the bar?


Now, things are getting exciting.

If you’re a knitter or a happy hooker (or, er, someone who loves to crochet?) might we recommend a scarf or gloves made from “Bat In a Dark Mood” for the goth in your life? A cardigan in “Losing Yourself In a Dream” is perfect for that wistful Tumblr girl pal. “Memory of a Fearsome Tale” and “Koningin Der Nacht” would be ideal for a hat or socks for your favorite opera buff. (Side Note: “Koningin Der Nacht” is “Queen of the Night” in German, which is actually a character in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”. Check out this video to listen to the mad pipes the role needs.)

Back to the awesome names!


Add to this “It’s Really Dead”, and “I’m Pushing a Rhino Up the Stairs”, for that erudite Absurdist in your life.

Or how about “I Know What Happened To The Olive” for a suspense-thriller of a sweater?

Or if you’re more ecology minded, there’s “Peacock Butterfly Taking a Dirt Nap” and “Giant Clam Closing Forever”.


Feature image courtesy of Jeannee *Dirty Laundry*
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