Woman Reads Printout of Facebook Comments in Subway, NBD


Let it not be said this woman does not know how to entertain herself in the middle of a subway wifi blackout.

A good number of railways and subway systems now offer seamless wifi for everyone’s entertainment, but the MTA has been struggling for quite a while to do so. This makes many of its patrons find alternative way to keep their sense busy — load up their players with tunes, or just scroll through a book their currently on courtesy of their ebook readers.

Stranger things have been seen on the subway route — from book gags to a rat with a taste for pizza, but this lady kicks it old-school.

Alex Steinman, a social media editor for Entertainment Weekly, couldn’t help but snap a discreet photo of the lady. Thankfully, said lady was rather engrossed with what does look like 15 printed pages of Facebook comments.

This makes us ask so many questions? What were the comments about? Was the thread funny? Emotional and dramatic? Flame-y? What did she plan to do with all that paper afterwards? so many questions.

In the mean time, Twitter also had a ton of reactions for this picture. It also went viral pretty fast.

Oh, Andy, you kidder.

This woman sets the rules of her own game, and doesn’t give a single F*ck.

Or maybe, you know, she just might be doing research.

Feature image courtesy of Erin D.
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