Tumblr Is the Place to Be For LOLs


Hi, Internet. It’s still the start of the week, and the world hasn’t been kind to us. It can certainly be a terrible place. I know, I know… with the random frustrations of work, and some name-calling and incredibly silly decisions made by your government, sometimes it all just makes us want to curl up in a corner and cry.


Well… something like that.

While it’s unfortunately possible that we will still have a lot of troubles and grief to deal with, that doesn’t mean we can’t lighten the load with a chuckle or two. Thank goodness Tumblr is a thing.

When George R. R. Martin kills another of the characters you were rooting for in Game of Thrones, and you just can’t deal with the emotional trauma no more.


This is what grammar experts do in their free time: mess with your head with words.


Alas, not all of s immortals get to be as cool as Lestat or even The Highlander.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tumblr. We hope you enjoy your stay.


Curse you, Bernie Sanders and your Original and Spicy blends!


The thing when you’re an adult is you come to accept some inevitable truths about the Universe — and you’re actually okay with them.


And sometimes, that’s also kinda the same way ti goes with the future in general.


Where is the lie?


Which is why I think it’s more likely that aliens will steer clear of our planet. You know, sometimes it can be disastrous hanging around the kid’s table.


On the other hand, there are always good sides to our time on this pale blue dot. for example, gay grandparents.


And not following the script.


And terrible puns.


and the thought that, no matter how iconic a figure you became in the annals of history, there will always be someone out there in the future who will manage to make your eventual death actually funny.



Feature image courtesy of Gratisography
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