Texas Diners Brawl Over Chips And Salsa [Video]

chips and salsa

As a Texan, I can assure you we take our Mexican food very seriously. There is Tex-Mex restaurant on every corner. Chips and salsa are the holy grail of appetizer. There is just nothing better. Nothing.

One Dallas restaurant is making headlines after showing the world just how out of control chips and salsa can make people. Footage on Facebook appeared claiming that a violent brawl broke out at Dallas’ El Paisano Mexican restaurant after a disagreement over the spicy dip. According to Eater.com, it was in the early morning hours on Saturday when Isael Rojas filmed the brawl between customers.

The five-minute clip shows punches being thrown, hair being pulled and furniture being thrown. A number of customers started fighting, while others ran away from the violence. Eventually the fight cleared up and no arrests were made.

Rojas claims that the fight started over a $5 basket of chips and a choice of salsa. Apparently, someone couldn’t decide between red or green? Maybe they were a bit hangry?

It seems Facebook loves a good food fight. Rojas’ video quickly went viral. With more than a million views and over 30,000 shares, the salsa debacle has gone worldwide.

And now you know, if you ever visit Texas make sure to pay the proper respect to our Tex-Mex.

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