The Brock Turner Judge Is Coming Under Fire

There is a well-formed movement complete with a bursting petition to remove Aaron Persky, the Brock Turner judge.

brock turner judge

Brock Turner made a bit of a name for himself a few months ago when he was sentenced to only six months in prison for raping an unconscious woman and the judge in the Brock Turner case, Aaron Persky has come under a bit of scrutiny lately. The Brock Turner case was all the rage until it was eclipsed by the tragedy in Orlando.

His mother, father and an aunt wrote letters calling their son a good kid who made a “bad decision” and their words as well as the heartwrenching testimony by the victim all garnered national attention. They didn’t seem to realize that “a bad decision” is something like lifting a candy bar from Wal-Mart or pissing on a fence you aren’t supposed to urinate on. Raping a woman who can’t respond is called a crime and Turner deserves to be buried under the prison.

There’s a petition on to remove Judge Persky that has only about 200k short of its goal of 1.5 million signatures. So I think that it’s safe to say that most people think this guy is a dirtbag. His sentencing history is very sketchy and just recently he sentenced an El Salvadorian immigrant to three years in prison for the exact same charges that Turner faced. Neither the defendant, Paul Ramirez or Turner had any prior criminal history. The local district attorney blocked a sexual assault case from being assigned to Persky and according to the AP, he is considering blocking Persky from hearing any sexual assault cases.

However, upon reviewing his case history, Persky doesn’t really show any racial or class bias in his sentences. He seems to hand down rather standard verdicts. Last week when he had to hear a case, it proved tough for him to find a jury as many jurors refused to sit after his decision in the Brock Turner case.

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