10-Year-Old Lyanna Mormont is The Newest Badass of GOT


If Lyanna Mormont still isn’t your favorite Game of Thrones character, she’s going to be now.

Ever since her debut, she has been kicking ass and taking names with her level of sass. and we just can’t handle this girl’s level of badassery. Seriously, How cool can this 10-year-old get? What were we even doing with our own lives at 10?

giphy (2)


And the show’s fans know it, too.

This week’s episode was pretty, intense, to say the least (am I right, fans?) and we are loving us some Lyanna Mormont. She makes no secret of her deep-seated loathing of the Boltons. In fact, here she is, throwing Ramsay so much shade:


That look. Ramsay should have given up then and there.

At that moment, everyone wanted to have a tiny Lyanna.

Or even be Lyanna.

We need an episode that’s about Lyanna. Just Lyanna.

For 10-year-old Miss Mormont, she sure is ready to rule the world.


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