These Dad Jokes Will Make You Feel 100% Dad


Dad, Pops, Papa, Daddy, Dada… We may all have different ways of calling our dads, but they’ll have the same kind of jokes: so corny, it just hurts, and then he hurt just starts getting too ridiculous for us to handle. Do you think the jokes are intentionally lame? It it really the magnum opus height of their humor? We honestly have no idea, but we’ve managed to round up some incredibly Dad-like tweets for your enjoyment.

So enjoy. And use them at your own risk. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Let the dad jokes commence!


Cue the Dad Jokes. ALL THE DAD JOKES.

Step one Make list. Step two: Cross out 90% of the names. Frown a lot.

Your face when your kid thinks of something brilliant.


Ah. Well, there’s that other half…

No questions asked.

That moment when you’re dad thinks he’s 100% hilarious when he’s anything but.


Well… It does build character, right?

And then there’s all the terrible dad puns.

Dad, please stop.


I can’t even.

I have officially lost the ability to Can.

No matter how terrible the punnage your dad’s jokes are, we here at SND want to wish you all a Happy Father’s Day!


Feature image courtesy of a_little_paper_girl_mc
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