This Guy on Twitter Just Schooled Us on How To Shut Down Homophobes

During this time of sorrow and dialogue about the tragic mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse club, there are just some people who are more intent to spread the hate and judgement rather than the love. Twitter user @CertifiedFool_ has just bout had it with all the homophobic hate, and decided to expose the faulty reasoning for the hypocrisy it is.

So let’s start where it all begins — when homophobic statements get their “infallibility”, there’s usually a bible involved.

the LGBT community is an “abomination”? You wanna dance, buddy? Ok, let’s dance.

How about food? considering how often you say nasty things about what gay people put in their mouths, maybe it’s time you took a look at what you put in yours. and this guy ain’t even warmed up yet.

You think you’re so classy with your Pinot Noir? Not according to the Bible you ain’t.

Dear divorced ladies, the old testament hates you.

And y’all cheaters ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Checking some fine booty and catcalling isn’t going to save you, either.

Enjoy all your bling and ink in the fiery pits, I guess.

Oh, another thing, Ladies: did you know free speech in church can get you in serious afterlife trouble? Tsk, tsk.

and your clothes and ‘dos, too.

Long story short: Leviticus is one super-harsh book. Cherry-picking verses to suit your homophobia and hate isn’t its intended purpose.

shut down


And just in case you went all TL;DR on this amusing thread, here’s the condensed version.

Though some uber-religious users scrambled to refute and justify the hate, Twitter applauded this guy’s shut down.


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