Toddlers Recreate ‘The Walking Dead’ Scenes

recreate the walking dead scenes

Alana Hubbard knew she wanted to pay tribute to her favorite television series, “The Walking Dead.” What better way to pay homage to AMC’s gruesome zombie phenonmenon than asking her kids to help? Using her toddlers and the help of a couple of other neighborhood kids, the clever photographer decided to recreate ‘The Walking Dead’ scenes.

Dressing the kids up as “walkers” and the show’s main characters, she posed them in a wooded area and created Internet gold. She shared the adorable pictures on her photography business’ Facebook page, Mother Hubbard Photography. The images quickly went viral.

recreate the walking dead scenes

We love the photos, but it seems that not everyone was a fan. Hubbard recieved a lot of backlash from the photos, criticizing her decision to put these children in such gruesome scenarios. However, Hubbard was confident in her work.

“They are symbolic scenes from the show,” Hubbard said. “I was not going to do a “Walking Dead” photo shoot with the kids smiling. I wanted them to be like the characters. This is is my favorite show — I did it for me.”

recreate the walking dead scenes

Of course, the children were not actually harmed in the making of these photos. The blood was photoshopped in and the children knew they were just acting and supposed to look sad or scared.

Hubbard is quick to tell people that not all of her work is blood and gore. She specializes in family portraits, wedding and other happy occasions. But, Hubbard adds when she gets an idea, she runs with it.

“If you could’ve seen the smiles on the kids’ faces,” Hubbard said. “The kids were just playing with other kids. It was all for fun.”

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