Another Hilarious Millennial Twitter Trend

millennial flirting

Millennials are not known for our flirting abilities. I mean, we’re the generation with Tinder, which let’s face it, is deciding whether you like somebody or not based solely on a picture of somebody. And believe me, they almost never look like they did in the picture. I’m probably guilty of subconsciously catfishing myself at times, I’ve always known I’m an ugly dude but it’s difficult to measure the extent of it.

But if there’s one thing that we millennials are very good at, it’s making fun of ourselves. Check out these tweets.

Hipster-hating is a common pastime of the cynical millennial.

These apps are no good for you.

Student loan is the epitome of Millennial existentialism.

Can somebody explain this tweet to me?

Portlandia anyone?

Featured Image: [Flickr/Elizabeth Hahn]

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