Bernie’s Last Stand On #PrimaryDay


I’m afraid that #PrimaryDay is it for Senator Bernie Sanders and what a long, strange trip it’s been. From an announcement in front of about seven reporters to a internet-breaking GIF to a heart-warming story about an old man and a bird we’ve come to love this kooky old socialist. Today Sanders makes his last stand in epic Lord of The Rings style, beating back the Hillary Machine and armed only with a social media following so enthusiastic that it makes Kim Kardashian jealous.

Apparently hundreds of thousands of people have registered to vote just in time in today’s primary states of California and New Jersey. Bernie Sanders has promised not to drop out of the race before the Democratic National Convention and to be a thorn in Clinton’s side until the very end.

So what do the Sanders people do now? They have all these Twitter accounts and there isn’t much left to root for. Some of them even have this cute notion that their votes actually matter. As if we don’t remember when Al Gore actually won the popular vote and lost the election. It’s politics folks, there’s no beating it.

And through it all there’s this lambasting of the media as if NBC were run by the Anti-Christ. But, regardless, you should probably vote. Because you can and if nothing else just write in your own name.

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