Get Ready For Cameraception With These Brilliant Shots


It’s not just inception — it’s cameraception.

While there are some mysteries that are indeed better off left unsolved and some information left unknown (as Reddit can graciously attest), here’s one quandary just kept going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and…

Let’s start somewhere, like a pair of hands in the pink of health. Pretty simple, pretty harmless, right?

And then someone had to ask the not-so-obvious question.

Redditor gxace graciously provided an answer —

— which led to another question.

And another question answered, because sure, why not? Though hold on —

One was finally content with the above picture — but of course gxace knew the Redditor brain better.

Here he is again, this time with guest star Horse Head Mask.

This set Reddit’s hunger on fire. MOAR. MOAR is always the correct answer.

Oh, gxace. You never fail to amaze us.

This thread works like a gateway drug. To what? More awesomeness!

We’re getting into real levels of cameraception here.

Oh Reddit. Must you question this maestro?

and now the chair comes into employ.

At this point, we think we can, too.

Look waaay up top…

Is there no end to this madness?! No, apparently not.

So. Many. Cameras.

There is no spoon. There is no spoon. there is no… Dangit, Reddit.

When you recruit your workmate to stand in as, well, a camera stand, you know something serious is going down.

Okay, Reddit. Time to step away from the thread. No? Oh god, why not?!

Someone give this man a medal. Please, we beg you.

Make it stop! Make it staaaahp!

I can’t. I just can’t no more.

and just when you think… Okay, that’s it. Now you’ve done it, Reddit.

We hope you’re happy.

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