They Asked Miss California About The Economy…You Can Probably Guess The Outcome

Why, for the love of Helen of Troy, are they still asking women like Miss California about the economy?

miss california economy

Nadia Mejia, or Miss California, is the most recent victim of the Q & A section of the Miss USA pageant, or what I’ve decided to call “Beautiful Women Embarrassing Themselves”. I have no idea why they’re still asking these women real-life questions on national television, over the past few years we’ve discovered that they clearly know little more about the state of the world than the owner of the Miss USA contest. Nobody who cares about these answers is watching the pageant. They should be asking them about the last season of the bachelor and Kim Kardashian’s most recent nude pic, not how to handle Assad and the issue of a livable wage.

Everybody remembers this hilarious debacle from several years ago

Now Miss California’s answer wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the debacle that South Carolina got herself in to but it was still clear that this girl had no idea what she should say about the economy. And who can blame her? She’s a beautiful woman. Even though it’s 2016, being a beautiful woman is still pretty much a job description in itself.

I mean really, we’re not making fun of her. We genuinely pity Nadia.

But the girl has heart. She just hopped on Instagram and posted this video of her singing “I don’t know about the economy” set to Backstreet Boys “I want it that way”. And if you can’t love her for anything else, she’s Rico Suave’s daughter.

MOOOOOOOD @backstreetboys @howie_dorough #missusa #misscaliforniausa2016

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