Reddit Asks “What Is Something I’m Better Off Not Knowing?”

Reddit asks "what is something that I'm better off not knowing" and the answers will shock, disgust, and frighten you.

what is something i'm better off not knowing

Ah Reddit, the frontpage of the internet, the Twitter for people who say the stuff nobody else is saying. Today users asked themselves the frightening question, what is something I’m better off not knowing. The answers evoked a lot of different emotions. Sometimes disgust, sometimes shock, sometimes even fear. But at the end of the day, if nothing else, the question showed us why we need Reddit. Just remember the time they asked “who’s the worst internet-famous person


Well this one is both depressing and true.

This little bit of information made me cringe, why in the hell did he have to capitalize POP?!

This makes a lot of sense but this isn’t what I wanted to read.

I actually think about this a lot. I read somewhere that the odds are the average person will walk past over five murderers in their lifetime.

Not sure how much I believe this, but if it’s true then it’s also very depressing.

The big question is do you really want to know or don’t you? Something like 90% of people said that they would rather not know.

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