If You Love Space, You Will Love These Instagram Profiles

Space travel

Nothing provokes more awe and wonder than space. It has been studied by humans for years, but yet it seems we learn something new everyday. With the popularity of social media, these exciting discoveries fill our news feeds, if you follow the right profiles.

To make sure you stay on top of the latest research of potential extraterrestrial life or the discovery of new planets, look no further than Instagram. Thanks to New Statesman, we now know the best profiles to follow.

SpaceX (@spacex)

This aerospace company has been making huge impacts in the space travel industry. Its creation and testing of reusable rockets is making living on a different planet a possibility. With CEO Elon Musk, the company believes they will one day colonize Mars. Their Instagram page not only chronicles their research, but offers a pretty awesome glimpse into their work.


International Space Station (@iss)

The International Space Station is swirling around the Earth’s orbit several times a day. The beautiful images captured onboard are now being shared on their Instagram page. Their feed is not just informative, but absolutely captivating.


Tim Peake (@astro_timpeake)

Speaking of the International Space Station, one astronaut living aboard the station is chronicling his time with snapshots. Armed with a Nikon D4, he is capturing all of Earth’s beauty, like this image of the Pacific “Ring of Fire.”


Scott Kelly (@stationcdrkelly)

Like his colleague, Tim Peake, astronaut Scott Kelly recently made headlines for his time on the station. After spending a year orbiting the Earth and traveling millions of miles, his Instagram is filled with breathtaking shots that are almost too amazing to believe.


Nasa Goddard (@nasagoddard)

As Nasa’s very first flight center, Goddard is offering a peak into everything NASA is working on. From behind-the-scene looks to pictures of galaxies, this profile is a must-follow.


Roscosmos (@roscosmosofficial)

Roscosmos is involved in all of Russia’s endeavors owned by the Russian Federal Space Agency. As a partner in the maintenance of the International Space Station, they are working on some very interesting research projects.


NASA (@nasa)

Could you really have a space love list without adding NASA? As the organization responsible for pushing the boundaries of space travel, its millions of Instagram followers agree.


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