Fake Book Covers Prank NY Subway Commuters

We’re generally taught to never judge a book by its cover, but with these kinds of covers, they’re just begging for it — a few laughs, that is.

Scott Rogowsky is a comedian and a Youtuber who dreams up of spectacularly hilarious pranks to play on unsuspecting “victims” that are funny as they are safe. He’s walked around NYC for ten hours as a jew, tried to get some digits for his dad, and even set up a free dessert-tasting buffet in front of a gym. Cheeky and irreverent, Scott’s Youtube channel has more than ten thousand subscribers and rising.

Oh, and a headsup: Scott actually created a previous book cover prank video a month earlier. If you want to check that one out first, the link is right here. No prob; we’ll wait.


So, you may be wondering, how does he manage to keep such a straight face while he (and hos -co-actor) totted around these inappropriately funny book covers? The secret is pretty simple:  “The actual book I was reading was the autobiography of Madeleine Albright,” he confides with Bored Panda. Did everyone find it funny? “No one got mad, but many people were confused!”, he chuckles. Hey, we don’t blame the commuters; we’d probably be just as bemused with book titles such as Hiding Your Erection From God, Tinder Training Your Toddler, and even The Joy of Cooking Meth. (that last book cover would probably be perfect for Walter White.)

Watch the book cover prank in action and the commuter’s reactions below:

Would you ever pull off a  prank like this on your daily commute? What book would you parody?

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