Float Away On These Summer Ice Cream Dreams

Ice Cream

Aaaah, Summer. Oh, you beloved season of joy and contentment, what would you be without backyard cookouts, fireworks, and yes, ice cream?

Ice cream is one of the deepest, most profound noms of summer. This year, it just seems ice cream has come into a revival of sorts, with frosty-sweet creations in a race to outdo each other in splendor, flavor, or even just plain out magnitude. What exactly do we mean? Let’s let Instagram do the talking on this one. We bet before this post is done, you’ll find yourself reaching for a spoon or a cone. Trust us on this; we did, too.

Let’s start off with this sea salt and black sesame ice cream cone. It’s topped with a generous toasted marshmallow, caramel popcorn, and ethereal floss.

So sartorial! We can totally see this strawberry shaved ice cream walk down the runways in Paris. It boasts of being less than 100 calories, not that that sort of thing mattered anyway, non?

If you want your waffle with a little bit ore oomph and pop-art aesthetic, how about these bubble waffle cones? They look so chewy!

Have some ice cream-filled macarons. They’re something like if teenage Marie Antoinette time-travelled to the 80’s.

Treat yourself Tuesday! #icecream #treats

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These ice cream roses are a cute way to impress someone you like on the first date.

Throwback to summer #budapest #icecreamart #yum #tbt

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and since we’re talking ice cream, there’s gotta be some chocolate in there. Just so.



The combination of this bubblegum blue and those sour gummy colas are just making us pucker up and salivate.

And for the grand finale, the coup de grace, the mother of all summer sundaes. Call the squad ’round for this one.

Who said sundaes had to be so bad ????????? #CheatDayEats #icecream

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