These Father-Daughter Illustrations Will Melt Your Heart


It’s that old quote by Wilhelm Busch, “Becoming a father isn’t difficult, but it’s very difficult to be a father.”

Meet Yannick Vicente. Yannick has a flair for drawing exciting and imaginative scenes of fantasy, and has a fine technical skill which has been honed through hard work. He has illustrated for comics, magazines, and festivals. We can only imagine that so many outfits are clamoring for his work. (and for him, we do wish it is so!)

However, his drawings of captured memories with his 4-year-old daughter Anaé are what has really enamored him and his family to the internet. These illustrations are a sweet and sincere ode to the tiny joys of fatherhood.

The lines in each illustration are originally written in French, but Yannick also reaches out to the rest of us with translations in Spanish and English, because fatherly love is universal.

It is thanks to Yannick we are privvy to the innocent generosity of his little girl, …

Her delightful and natural inquisitiveness, …

… and her openness. Oh, if she only knew how much she gives back to her father by just being in his life.

“The love that I have for my daughter [inspires me] and the moments that we spend together are very strong, ” Yannick shares with Buzzfeed. “I would like my daughter to be able to see these drawings when she’s old enough to understand what I wrote in them.”

We wish you, Anaé, and the rest of your family all the love and happiness, Yannick. We sincerely wish there were more fathers like you out there. We can’t wait to see more of your illustrations! Salut!


Feature image courtesy of Yannick Vicente
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