Twitter Goes Nuts Over These Zany Trump TV Proposals

While half (more than half?) contemplate a potential Trump presidency in abject terror, a a more optimistic portion chooses to cope through laughter. The great and merciless George R. R. Martin did write, “laughter is poison to fear”, and in times like these, it helps keep the panic and horror of the Trumpmaggedon at bay.

So, how exactly did Twitter de-stress this time? It made a fun little hashtag for users everywhere to pour their Trump frustrations: #NewTrumpTVShows. Because when you think about it, his entire campaign was absolute entertainment. If he’s going to keep down this route right into the White House, he might as well star in a few TV shows every now and then.

Oh, what shows would he be excellent? Why not we start with one of the most obvious things that come to mind about him. We’re sure the Mexicans would agree.

Not to mention his creepy interest in his own daughter?

Let’s not forget about his glittering record with respecting women (not):

Nor the warm welcome he extends to refugees in dire need of help:

Oh, and that one time where he ends up becoming the Republican nominate and the party hated him for it:

We can’t wait to see the makeover he’s going to give the White House.

I guess that “modest” million-dollar startup fund he received worked out for him.

We can’t decide whether the elections are making us laugh …

… or fear very dearly for our sanities.

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