Gay Couple Has To Sneak Out To Prom Because Their Parents Don’t Approve of Them


When you and your love have to sneak out to be together in what could be one of the most important events of your young lives all because your parent disapprove of who you’re with, something is very, very wrong with this scenario.

A young Maryland highschooler named Myren wanted to attend prom with his boyfriend this year to make memories and live his best life. They’d saved up for the tickets themselves and prepped for the event. However, their parents disapproved of their relationship. So they snuck out from their homes and stole into the night to make the moment matter.

Besides, the two wanted to celebrate their seven months together as a happy couple. their parents found out about their relationships through some texts on the teenagers phones. (and what were their parents doing, snooping on their phones?)

The two young gents have been through many challenges, particularly from their parents’ effort to keep them apart, but they continue to remain strong together.

There have been a number of consistent bashers, but thankfully, the love and support from the interwebs outweighs all the hate.



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