Airbrush Artist Cheers Little Patients With Badass Temp Tattoos


Do you ever remember sporting those temporary tattoos as a kid? You know, the ind that your mom carefully cut out of the sticky sheet, warned you not to lick it as she slapped it on your arm and wetted down with a sponge, and then peeled the limp aper off when it wasy dry-ish? Ta-daah! instant badass-ness and (well-imagined) street cred!

Benjamin Lloyd, an airbrush artist from The Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, has raised the stakes for kid’s temporary tattoos everywhere. His motto, “say it, I’ll spray it”, has brought him to so many places and birthed so much amazing work, from custom car art to large-scale portraits to even “tatted” ladies and horses. However, it was only when he recently started laing some sweet temporary ink on some kids that a new kind of love began to flow.

First, watch Lloyd in action below:

“It’s just amazing watching their confidence and their ego boost up,” Lloyd shared with Mashable Australia. “The only bad thing is that they don’t want to take a shower afterwards.”

The pride and joy on this young boy’s face made Lloyd want to do more. He promised on a post on Sunday that he’d airbrush temp tattoos on all the little patients in Auckland’s Starship hospital if the post got 50 Likes.

He woke up the next morning to see the post net more than 250,000 likes overnight.

Right now, Lloyd is in a flurry to answer all the requests and fan mail pouring into his inbox, and will start prepping for his great inkfest at the children’s hospital soon. More power to you, Ben, and rock on! The industry needs more people like you!

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