Hodor Holds Door; Twitter Grieves, and You Need To Cry, Too


Hodor. Hodor. Hodor. *Ugly-sobbing*

Oh, George R.R. Martin, why?! Why did you do this?! Whatever did the sweet, innocent, mono-word vocabularied Hodor ever do to you?! I mean, it was great that we learned his original name was Wylis — Wylis is a cool name; Wylis is a hip name — bu why’d you have to go and make us learn it too late?

Fans the world over learned of the mysterious consequences of Bran’s warging ability that led to our beloved Hodor’s tragic demise. We can’t bring ourselves to spoil this completely for you, but we will say the Internet now knows that Hodor’s name came from the phrase “Hold the Door”. And hold the door he did. *More ugly-crying*

*whispers* Hodor.

Twitter’s collective GoT heart was trampled all over by Whitewalkers that day — and yes, we feel the hurt:

He deserves a memorial statue! A memorial statue, I tell you!

This indeed was just cause for an emotional health day-off, because Game of Thrones is just brutal to to those who love it at this point.

Nope, nope, wait, stop, my feelings are still in Hodorland right now. Do not disturb; I’m plenty disturbed already.

Me too, Casey, me too.

Fans grieved for the gentle giant in mournful dignity…

… and violent online wailing.

Neither could we, Arham, neither could we.

A goodly number of Twitter users also mourned the passing of Summer, the next direwolf to fall.

Some went as far to contemplate the horrific possibilities.


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