In A Super-Cool Move John Stewart Adopted A Pony Hit By Paintballs

john stewart adopted a pony

When we hear his name most of us think of John Stewart the comedy talk show host, we rarely think John Stewart the awesome guy, we might think John Stewart is hilarious, but we probably don’t think John Stewart adopted a pony. Because that’s what just happened. You might have heard about Lily the pony who was shot with a ton of paintballs in Pennsylvania and then left to die. If not, here’s a little clip.

Meet Lily, the pony that some degenerated shot with paintballs and then left abandoned to die. Because some people have no souls. The soulless degenerate in this case was 65-year-old Philip Price Jr. who was arrested and had to pay over 13 grand in fines for animal cruelty. Though it’s not clear exactly who shot the pony. It probably wasn’t the old dog but he might have had something to do with it.

The pony had to undergo extensive surgery to replace her right eye and when she was found back in March she was in really bad shape, emaciated and it took a lot of time to bring her back to good health. And that’s when John Stewart adopted a pony with the help of his wife, Tracey McShane, who used to be a veterinary technician. The couple actually have a farm in New Jersey that they use to take care of abused animals (as if you needed another reason to love John Stewart). She was found in Lancaster, PA and taken to a vet clinic in Kennett Square to be nursed back to health. The story of Lily’s abuse made national news and apparently Stewart and his wife found out about the poor girl via some friends and decided to step in.

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