Kids Name 90’s Wrestlers; Hilarity Ensues


LET’S GET READY TO RRRRRRUMBLEEEEEEEE! (an hour before bedtime.)

Sean Leahy is a children’s-book author and a dad who, according to his Twitter profile, “eating pasta by myself makes me canneloni”. Sometimes, (and just like most writer-parents who struggle with writer’s block), he turns to his three-year-old for inspiration.

The days’ special was to have his kid guess the names of popular ’90s professional wrestlers. and this kid did not disappoint.

So, which name is more awesome: “Sausage Elsa” or “Grandpa Winner”?

But wait, there’s more!

What a treasure trove we have here. There’s Angry Knickers Face, Money Lion, and Big Potato. Wet Pink One and I Don’t Like It look like they dearly need a bath. And we will always love Winky Peanut.


Sean’s followers went nuts! They loved how spot-on his kid was. Props for your creativity, kiddo!

Another dad couldn’t resist, and had his own offspring take up the challenge.


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