The Apocalypse Is Near: 10 Apps To Help You Survive


The apocalypse is December 21 and a new infographic wants to help you survive with a list of the top 10 apps you’ll need. The infographic titled “Operation: End Of The World Survival” was put together by and covers many important areas of survival.


AroundMe helps you quickly find information about your surroundings. Use this app to find the nearest shelter and plan the quickest route to avoid danger.


There are many flashlight apps on both Android and iOS that use the LED light built-in to the back of your phone. When the sky goes permanently dark after the apocalypse, using a flashlight app could just be a lifesaver when traveling.


MapMyRun allows you to track your routes which will be beneficial in remembering the safest routes. A good pair of running shoes are highly recommended.

First Aid by American Red Cross

There’s a good chance you may find yourself injured or someone else who’s sustained an injury. First Aid will provide basics to help keep you and others alive.

Marine Martial Arts

The apocalypse hasn’t taken out everyone and you’ll need to know how to protect yourself. Marine Martial Arts will help you brush up your skills and effectively take down enemies.


Keep track of the latest news and what’s happening in cities around the world.

Police Scanner+

A large increase in crime is to be expected after the apocalypse and Police Scanner+ will let you know what’s going on in your area.

Twitter and Facebook

Social networks have proven extremely useful during disasters and you’ll be able to keep in touch with friends and family when phone lines are down.


iMeet is by and allows you to video chat with multiple people at once. See others face to face even when you’re hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

Nobody knows exactly what will cause the apocalypse, but for now you can prepare for the worst by checking out the full infographic below (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


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