Tasteful Terms for Female Masturbation, Courtesy of Refinery29

Happy May! May is International Masturbation Month, so we do sincerely hope you gave yourself some good lovin’ on the down-low sometime this month.

What’s the big deal about masturbation? For starters, it’ safe, healthy, totally free, and is a great way to get better acquainted with your on body’s needs and sexual responses. It’s the ultimate safe sex! It can cure headaches, ease menstrual cramps, and even a cold! With enough practice, it can even help you lose weight! And besides, it’s our own right to pursue happiness, peace of mind, and a deep understanding of your own sexual pleasure. For short, this is all about knowing thyself!


It’s widely accepted that men will masturbate, but women? Women have been getting a bad rap for sexual self-knowledge, from Victorian-era mental asylums and their treatment of “female hysteria” (which, wouldn’t you know it, paved the way for the invention of the vibrator) to society’s shaming of self-exploration as a “degrading, immoral” act. We’re just thankful that the feminist and sex-positive movements are now making it more acceptable to discuss and educate why female masturbation matters.

However, what pet name to call it? The word “masturbation” does sound pretty heavy and in-your-face for casual conversation. What can we do to make it more convo-friendly?

The good people over at Refinery29 sat down a group of women t have a light, candid discussion of what their favorite pet terms are for their personal private time. We’re treated to a colorful array of words from the sweet to the sassy:

This one’s perfect for the “d’aaaw” factor.


And this one’s for your classic comic book geek. A bit of a mouthful, though:


This one’s perfect for the foodie:


And this one, well, is for those who like to tell it like it is, no effs given:


There’s a bevvy of equally fun and creative euphemisms for lady masturbation out there. Who knows? You might find the right one just for you.

Watch and learn from the video below:


Featured image: Venus of Urbino, by Titian
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