Crew Catches Salmon With IPhone [Video]


It might not be hard to catch salmon off of this Australian beach, but no on thought it would be this easy. Perth’s How Ridiculous stunt crew took fishing to the tech level, by using an iPhone as a lure.

These internet sensations have been known to do some crazy stuff, such as dunking basketballs from the top of a tall building, but this is just strange.

The video shows the crew setting up and attaching a treble hook to an iPhone and casting it into the ocean. The result, a pretty decent size salmon just moments after casting.

The crazy footage was caught using a head-mounted GoPro camera on stunt crew member, Brett Stanford. Even he was shocked that he landed the fish.


“We’d caught these fish on all sorts of lures before, even using cutlery to good effect,” explains Stanford. “So we wanted to try a harder challenge and thought using an iPhone would be amazing and also attract a lot of interest as it’s the most popular phone.

So, if you have ever wanted to catch fish with ridiculously expensive bait, now’s you chance.

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