Four Things That Aren’t Okay For LinkedIn

There are a few things that aren't okay for LinkedIn, here are four of them.

four things that aren't okay for linkedin

LinkedIn is one of those sites that came out of nowhere and is now huge, if you’re looking for a job that requires a college degree then you just have to be on the site. But every time I log into the site I see people complaining about inappropriate posts. LinkedIn’s inappropriate meter is a lot different from the standards on Facebook or Twitter (which are also pretty different from each other). And it got me wondering what is ok to post on the site, and what is not-so-kosher.

Pictures from your frathouse/sorority days – If you were in a frat you should probably burn your shirts once you graduate, unless you were in the Skull & Bones and I doubt that they have shirts. It’s wise to connect with your frat bros/sorority sisters and list that you were in the organization while in school, but don’t post pictures of your huge day drink. I’ve seen this on a few too many occasions.

Politics/Religion – LinkedIn pretty much embraces the same etiquette as bars, unless you write for The National Review, it’s not okay to go on a rant about Bernie or Trump or about Jesus or Muhammad. It is okay to discuss their rhetoric or the evolution of biblical literature and it’s effect on literacy.

Stop selling yourself as a guru – I hate to employ a cliche, but if I had a nickel for every “social media marketing guru”, I’ve come across on LinkedIn I’d be wealthier than Donald Trump. Your LinkedIn profile is supposed to speak for itself with your educational history and endorsements. Any time I look at somebody’s profile and see that they’re “divining the science behind the social media machine”, I want to throw my computer out a window.

Don’t link your other profiles if they’re not appropriate – It seems silly and pointless but don’t link your Twitter to your LinkedIn if you’re Tweeting about getting blasted at the bar. If your potential employer actually cares they’ll find those posts anyway but there’s no point in making it too easy for them.

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