The Newest Justin Beiber Lawsuit Proves He Can’t Get It Together

Justin Beiber is at it again, this time there's a lawsuit against him for an incident last August and he can't visit Argentina

justin beiber lawsuit argentina

Oh Boy, another Justin Beiber lawsuit! It seems my keyboard has barely cooled off from the last time that I wrote about the Canadian pop star. But this is America and we love to see stars fall from fame, and, in Justin Beiber’s case, roll around in the stupidity puddles for a while.

The first fun thing we get to talk about is the fact that the Beib’s is unable to enter Argentina. He desecrated a few of their flags and supposedly sent his bodyguards outside to attack a photographer. The incidents even led to a judge in the country issuing a warrant for his arrest however it was soon dropped. But his lawyers are still smart enough to know that their client shouldn’t be visiting country. Because, let’s face it, Justin Beiber would last about twenty minutes in an Argentinian prison. He even sent a tweet out to his South American fans.

The newest Justin Beiber lawsuit involves the promotion company Team Productions, who say that he cancelled an appearance with them last August. They claim that he was paid $250k up front and there was expected to be more money but they instead wanted a discount because Beiber wasn’t hyping up the event on social media (apparently this was in the contract). Now Team Productions is claiming that he has hurt their business and owes them $650k. I suppose we should have expected this kind of thing from the prince of pop.

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