Sweater Censorship: Anchor Covers Up Because Audience Say Her Dress Was “Too Revealing”


Body censorship and policing can happen in the oddest, most unexpected places — specially in the news room.

Liberté Chan, weather reporter for KTLA, was doing pretty good with the news, and she looked quite glamorous in her sparkly black dress to boot. However, she was laterasked to cover up right in the middle of her segment, because emails were pouring in saying her look for the day was “too revealing”.


She posted the above clip on her Facebook page, and asked if the dress really did show a touch too much skin. Her viewers and followers replied it was just fine, and that the decision made them feel confused about annoyed about it.


Chan tried to wear another dress in an effort to placate the invisible naysayers, but the second frock just didn’t work with the green screen. It just got her into a stickier situation, and Twitter fans were not happy.

Others already felt strongly enough to recommend quitting and going to a different TV station.

and others said they’d just keep wearing the dress as they worked and not give a F.

And then there are other weather anchors who just make Chan’s choice of clothing seem way tamer by comparison.

Can we all just please acknowledge just how happy Chan was to wear this dress even before she went live? You just don’t put happiness like that through this kind of censorship. You just don’t.

And then her fellow anchor read through the emails that came. Hiss.


We feel you, Liberte. We just wish these people would stop with the hating. You go wear whatever makes you happy and do well in your job.

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