Chill With These Tumblr Laughs For The Weekend


Happy weekend! We can now (… okay, maybe most of us?) can kick back and chill, and if possible, not adult for the next two days. Why? Because it’s the weekend.

Some of us have some difficulty relaxing or chuckling at some totally random humor. Luckily, Tumblr has you covered.


Because in food, responsibility, and rapper names, size matters.

You do understand any excuse to huddle in bed with books, snacks, the internet (and Tumblr, natch), and your beverage of choice is always a good excuse, right?

Whe–? Whuh? Ask me again when I’ve gotten enough caffeine/ food/ sleep in me.

This is probably the reason why I don’t get enough caffeine/ food/ sleep. *mumbles* I really should get me a different job.

Because you just can’t count on not knowing your own strength. Seriously.

That, or cause your germ-phobic enemies to run screaming for the hills. Either way, you win!

If you can’t be a superhero in real life — well, that’s what video games are for.

Congratulations, guys; we’ve actually turned Ted Cruz into the Zodiac Killer.

Noooo! My brain! This is just so wrooong~~

Dammit, Zombie! I needed that for my BLT! Bad zombie! Bad!


Oh look, it’s the only thing I’m seriously good at! I could totally do this all day, ahahaha *sobs*

Because precious little fur-babies are everything. Do you hear me? EVERYTHING.

When the moon in the sky is a big OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT RUN FOR YOUR LIVES


Feature Image courtesy of Gratisography
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