“Why My Cat Is Sad” Will Give You Cute-Sad Feels

Why My Cat Is Sad

So you know very well who Grumpy Cat is, you love the sweet-faced chillax-ness of Lil Bub. Now get ready for a brand new cat to give you a whole different set of feels: cute-sad feels.

Meet The Bear. (Yes, that’s his name.) The Bear, according to his human’s twitter account “Why My Cat Is Sad” , “holds all the world’s problems in his eyes”. Or maybe he’s just intensely concerned about all the members of his household?

Or perhaps he’s still searching for his true identity and coming to terms with it?

Or maybe he’s just really feeling his feelings. Bitter, lonely feelings.

Bibliophiles understand, the struggle is real.

The Bear has so many feelings about the environment. You should listen.

Perhaps it’s time to introduce him to Coldplay? No? Okay.

Not even The Empire wants him. Sad face.

Oh, the weight of existentialism. ‘Tis a great burden only The Bear must bear.

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