#ThingsVillainsDoForFun Quickly Turned Into A Hillary Hashtag

#ThingsVillainsDoForFun quickly turned into a witty Hillary hashtag and there are a few memorable moments.


The hashtag #ThingsVillainsDoForFun was trending today and unsurprisingly, it turned into a hashtag that was almost entirely dedicated to Hillary Clinton. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, or just living under a rock, Twitter hates Hillary more than Trump hates immigrants. The number of anti-Hilary hashtags that have appeared on the platform is staggering, we’ve reported on #DropOutHillary and #ImNotKiddingMaddi and we’re just a tiny social media site. There are hundreds of anti-Hillary hashtags, some of my favorites include #RobotHillary and #NixonInAPantsuit.

The #ThingsVillainsDoForFun hashtag probably didn’t start as something that was directed at the presidential candidate, but things escalated quickly.

This first one has to do with that time she said fracking should be legal. Which, in Democratic circles, is a generally frowned upon stance.


Here’s a laundry list of issues.

These last two have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton but I couldn’t not include them. Because holy awesome GIFs.

Featured Image: [Flickr/Donkey Hotey]

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