Planned Parenthood Shooter Deemed Unfit To Stand Trial

Prosecutors charged Dear with 179 counts, including first-degree murder. Police ended the assault when they crashed armored SWAT vehicles into the lobby of clinic where Dear had holed up.

Those charges remain pending until Dear is deemed competent, meaning he is able to understand the proceedings against him and assist in his defense. Dear’s status at the state mental hospital will be reviewed every 90 days. If eventually found competent and convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Dear told arresting police officers that he attacked Planned Parenthood because he was “upset with them performing abortions and the selling of baby parts.” The “baby parts” statement is a reference to a video hoax purporting to show Planned Parenthood officials “selling” dismembered body parts from aborted fetuses. It sparked an endless amount of controversy in partisan media and ultimately perpetuated a persistent, but fictitious, narrative that Planned Parenthood actively attempts to profit off abortion through black-market organ sales.

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