Budweiser Just Badassedly Said Exactly What Everybody Was Thinking

You're going to want to drink a lot of America...ahem...I mean Budweiser this summer.

budweiser renames itself "america"

When you think Budweiser, you probably think America. Or at least when you’re being cynical/get blitzed you might shotgun your Budweiser then slam it on the ground and yell “America”. I had a tiny female French roommate with an almost indecipherable accent who would do that every time she drank a Budweiser Red. And. it. was. hilarious.

And now Budweiser has taken their patriotism one step further. For a limited time, Budweiser cans will simply say “America” on them. Because when you think Budweiser, you think America. The new cans are going to be available through the summer until the elections in November.

Underneath America, the can will read “E Pluribus Unum”, which as any decent, God-fearing, American (or just anybody who speaks Latin) knows, stands for “Out of Many, One.

Most of the internet still seems to think that this is a pretty dumb idea, but it’s called advertising. Silly millennials have to take everything so seriously.

The “New Republic Magazine” even blamed the new marketing strategy on Donald Trump. We’re blaming it on awesomeness.

We were thinking something more along these lines.

Featured Image: [Flickr/Jeramey Jannene]

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