Four Tumblrs Every Guy Should Follow

If you're a guy and you're thinking Tumblr isn't for you, then maybe you're right, but then again maybe you're not.

Tumblr gets a pretty justifiable rep for being a site frequented entirely by hipsters and fandoms, but there are still a few Tumblrs that every guy should follow. I consider myself only half a hipster and I’ve been on Tumblr for like six years now, I don’t have very many followers because I’m not overly active on the site. But I really enjoy it because there’s something for pretty much everybody. I follow a lot of surf blogs and a few yoga blogs because that’s what I’m into, though if I were into manga and poker I could probably enjoy the site just as much. Here are a few sites for the dudes.

tumblrs every guy should follow is a page by a guy in California that went to school to become an investment banker or something fancy but quit his job to be part of what he calls “the new rich”. He doesn’t post much anymore but it’s a really cool blog and has a total dude feel to it. There’s even a section of his blog entitled “drink like a man”.

best tumblrs for guys is all pictures but they’re mostly really sweet pictures that will make you feel a bit more manly, and I guess just the kind of stuff that dudes like to look at (other than girls).

tumblrs for guys posts some really sweet stuff and also he’ll give a great cocktail recipe every once in a while. He’s from San Fran and though this blog definitely has a more “adventure” feel to it, there’s something in it for everybody.

best tumblrs for guys is a preppy kind of blog but he does post some sweet outfits (if you can say that while still sounding like a man). There are also some pictures of beautiful women on the site in case you needed another reason to surf the page.

Featured Image: [Flickr/Josh James]

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