Twitter Yays and Nays Beyonce’s Met Gala Dress


A week after the hit album “Lemonade” raised a furor online. Beyonce stepped out on the red carpet of the Met Gala, and was dressed to the nines in a latex Givenchy gown. She has indeed always been one to push the envelope in fashion.

Twitter was instantly all over that dress. Unfortunately, the voice was rather divided. It’s not quite The Dress levels, but considering this is Queen Bey we’re talking about? It might as well be.

The Beyhive had nothing but high praise for their queen’s sartorial tastes.

People were living for all the subtle details on the garment.

The value of its materials moved some to tears. Financial aid tears.

Her faithful fans were loving every rubber inch of it.

However, many Twitter users cried nay over the dress. The metaphors started on a very anatomical note.

and got grosser from there.

Some were aghast — had Beyonce actually metted out her revenge as she promised she would?!

The dress conjured up grizzly memories for some.

And some did their bet to treat this issue as objectively as possible.

Alas for the Beyhive, fashion connosieur Tim Gunn declared this dress a definite Don’t. “I’m just flabbergasted by this misstep”, he said. “It has S&M written all over it. Beyoncé is having her moment. She is the center of the pop culture universe right now, shouldn’t we have the highest expectations of her?”

Through this whole Twitter uproar, it seems that husband Jay-Z was nowhere near, at least, not that the pictures could say. Is he away to do penance after his chastisement on social media? We are only left to speculate.

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