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As social media becomes an important part of society’s daily lives, it is more important than ever for every business and brand to have a great online presence. In fact, business expert say that companies with a strong social presence have higher sales and a larger customer base. Many applications are on the market to help manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels. ViralWoot, previously known as PinWoot, is one of these programs that will provide social media solutions, specifically for Pinterest.


ViralWoot offers a number of tools to provide a solution for pretty much any Pinterest problem you might be facing. Immediately after signing up for a ViralWoot account, the user is able to add multiple Pinterest accounts to the network. This will make your profile visible to thousands of other ViralWoot users. From there, others can view you pins, follow you and share your content.


Maybe you have some specific pins that you would like to promote. ViralWoot has the capabilities to let you choose certain pins to promote. The app makes it as easy as pasting the pin’s link. Creators claim this is an easy way to boost your repins and likes in an “organic yet accelerated manner.”

The thousands of ViralWoot users are social media marketers and agencies representing individual clients, as well as businesses and brands representing themselves. One of the major issues these people may face is making sure that the content they share to social media makes it in front of as many eyes as possible. This can become a concern if content is posted at the wrong time of the day. In fact, less than five percent of Americans use Pinterest during work hours, so how can businesses operate their social media channels during working hours, yet still reach a large audience? ViralWoot offers a Pin Scheduler to allow content to be scheduled to pin at specified times.

Another incredible tool of this program is the ability to create pin alerts. This feature allows users to track what content is getting pinned from their original website. It can also show when certain content is trending on Pinterest.


The developers of this product say there are many new features still in the works, such as Pinterest analytics. This would allow users to track clients, virality and reach. It will also track which boards and pins are performing the best. The tool will also make it easy to stay connected with your influencers.

Many current users claim that their traffic doubled quickly after signing up for the service. Customer service is also rated very high and setting up an account should only take a short amount of time. ViralWoot’s services are relatively cheap at about $5 a month, depending on how much you would like to be able to pin a month.

Services like this are invaluable to businesses and brands, but there are some tips that you can take on your own to make sure that your social media channels reach their full potential. Organizing your boards and naming them with a specific purpose will help potential viewers find what they are looking for. It is also important to have consistent activity. There is more to Pinterest than just pinning posts, you should also be checking notifications daily and interacting with other boards and pins on topics that relate to your purposes. Image quality is vital to getting them to grab attention. It is ideal for them to be 600×900, high-quality and portrait format.

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