Blogger Hilariously Recreates Top Met Looks With Tin Foil, Bags And Tape

Met fashion

This year’s Met Gala inspired many great fashion choices, and some pretty questionable ones as well. Some of the celebrities gowns made headlines, such as Claire Dane’s glowing ensemble. As all the fashion bloggers raced to get all the details, one blogger took Met fashion to the extreme.

Joao Paulo decided to recreate the most talked about looks, using only household materials. Armed with plastic bags, aluminum foil, tape and other supplies, the Brazilian blogger posted the hilarious results.

For example, Kate Hudson’s Versace gown featured plastic petals and plenty of cut-outs. Paulo’s version consisted of white tissue paper, cling film and white tape.

For the next look, he recreated Taylor Swift’s Louis Vuitton gown with plastic bags and tin foil. Paulo even recreated Swift’s updo.

This isn’t the first time that the blogger has recreated the star’s looks with craft supplies. His Instagram features recreated looks from Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Rihanna.

The Brazilian blogger isn’t the first one to get into the Met fashion recreation. A couple of years, one blogger’s four-year-old stole the show wearing construction-paper versions of the most-liked red carpet gowns.

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