Did Snapchat Steal This Woman’s Art? Twitter Wants Answers


Snapchat has some pretty cool filters on the app, and it’s no wonder it can easy to go crazy over those. However, it seems they’ve had a couple of misses recently. Snapchat gaffed when they released a Bob Marley filter in April 20 with a blackface feature, which they quickly apologized for. However, will they be able to say Sorry out of this new incident?

Twitter user @KarlyThibault cried offence when she saw Snapchat’s newest artistic filter, one that gives a neo-modernist and colorful geometric rendering of the person facing the camera. Thibault claims that Snapchat used her a piece she had drawn two years ago without her permission, and she demands answers, now.

Other Twitter denizens rallied to her cause.

Other folks corroborated Thibault’s story, …

… and if other users are to be believed, this was not the first time it had happened.

Someone called the media’s attention to this issue.

And the news spread like wildfire.

However, others pointed out that she might not be the only one who snapchat may have “borrowed” the idea from.

And the rabbit hole goes deeper: Some people cried foul and said Karly herself stole the art concept from another artist.

Still no word of whether Snapchat has finally addressed this issue, nor of whether the face filter in question was indeed indubitably pilfered from the right source. However this whole debacle turns out, you have to agree, it’s really one great face to put on.


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