GirlEatWorld Travels the Globe One Snack at a Time


Melissa Hie has three main passions in her life — food, travel, and visual storytelling. She brings all three together in her Instagram account GirlEatWorld, and things have just never been the same again.


Hie was opened up to the magic of traveling the globe when she made the first bold move of moving to Singapore all by herself in 2009. “After a short trip to Thailand in 2010 I discovered my love for being on the road and that it doesn’t have to be expensive to travel. The year after that, I went to Europe for the first time… and the rest is history.”

Above: Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters) at Lombok, Indonesia.

Above: A fruit tart in Paris, France.

Above: Blue coconut Ice Cream on Conimo Island, Malta.

As she backpacked across Europe, she began taking snapshots of the delightful snacks she enjoys during her journey. Later on, a friend suggested, why not create an Instagram account dedicated to all the treats and locales she’s had the pleasure of experiencing? Hie took his advice to heart, and with that, GirlEatWorld was born.

Above: pistachio ice cream in Amman, Jordan.

Above: Hanami dango at Arshiyama, Kyoto.

Above: Ang Koo Kiuh in Armenian Street Penang, Malaysia.

Meliisa Hie’s wanderlust and passion for good eating continues to fuel her on adventures both great and small. She’s created a list of the different places she’s visited so far. Her goal is to visit one new place each year. Is your city on her list? It doesn’t hurt to check it out.

Above: Dumplings in Wangfujing Street, Beijing.

Above: A traditional mulled plum wine in the Christmas Market in Wroclaw, Poland.

Above: Koulouri in Athens, Greece.



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